Tech, Math & Trading

Start up ethos meets Wall Street


Coupling advanced technology with finance

Our Work

We utilize the latest technological innovations, and advanced mathematical and statistical theories to approach our trading.

Market Making

Our superior technology, depth of understanding of electronic markets, and global access allows us to provide liquidity to world markets.

Our People

Our cross-discipline teams combine people with diverse quantitative approaches. We have Physicists, Engineers, Computer Scientists, Mathematicians, and Statisticians collaborating to enhance our strategies and thereby the general health of the market.

Our Values

We value creativity, high quantitative aptitude, problem solving, analytical reasoning, enthusiasm, honesty, and teamwork.







Our environment is designed to allow for short iterations and a seamless transition from research to production.


Our researchers draw inspiration from advancements everywhere. They then follow a methodical approach to researching, testing and validating their ideas allowing us to constantly improve what we do.


Teamwork is rewarded. We believe the best results are found when people with diverse areas of expertise work in unison to solve problems. We blend these different approaches to create unique perspectives and unique results.


We focus on the best idea, not seniority. We recognize and reward those who impact our collective results.


Innovation is the result of the right minds melding and collaborating with the right tools in the right environment.


We are resolute in our ambitions to utilize cutting edge technology and quantitative approaches to make the markets more efficient and transparent.








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